In-Person Meetings
Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) meetings are temporarily closed.

MA World Services Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Statement
If you are new to Marijuana Anonymous please use our contact page resources or join a meeting for more information.

District 6 is Hosting Online Video Meetings
Click the day/name of a scheduled meeting to join!
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Sunday Woodland Hills
7PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Sunday Atwater Village
7:45PM Join | 8PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Monday Sherman Oaks Newcomers
7PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Monday Agoura Hills
9:30PM Join | 10PM Meeting (90-Min)
Tuesday Granada Hills
7PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Wednesday Rowing Like Hell
7PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Wednesday Agoura Hills
7:30PM Join | 8PM Meeting (90-Min)
Thursday Wake-up and Smell the Coffee
7AM Join | 7:30AM Meeting (1-Hr)
Thursday Life With Hope Step-Study & Meditation
7:30PM Join | 8PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Friday Keeping It Simple
7PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Saturday Agoura Hills
10:30AM Join | 11AM Meeting (90-Min)
Saturday Her Dreams Went Up In Smoke – Women’s Meeting
3:30PM Join | 4PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Saturday So And So’s Meeting
7PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr)

* Meetings and links are subject to change, please refer to this page for our meeting schedule.
Additional remote meeting options include phone meetings at and chat room style meetings at
Our neighbors in MA District 7 are also hosting online video meetings.

Until Further Notice the Following Meetings Are Closed
Updated 03/22/20 – 11 of 12 Meetings Reported Closed
Sunday – Atwater Village, Woodland Hills
Monday – Newcomers Meeting in Sherman Oaks
Tuesday – Light It Up in Granada Hills
Wednesday – Agoura Hills Book Study, Rowing Like Hell in Sherman Oaks
Thursday – 12 Steps and 12 Traditions Group in Sherman Oaks
Friday – Keeping It Simple in Sun Valley (Burbank)
Saturday – Agoura Hills Book Study, Her Dreams Went Up In Smoke in Sun Valley (Burbank)